October 29, 2010

50-something & fabulous!

"trick or treat!"

boy, do i have some eye candy for you today...

this client wanted the following from our TL {3 hour}:
- effortlessly pulled together
- low maintenance
- "on-the-go" style
- nothing too stuffy

please note that multiple pieces were reused as we built outfits, so that she could get the most bang for her buck! all featured ensembles were created with items already in the client's closet, meaning no unnecessary shopping!

on site "associate stylist":

email tuliplouise@gmail.com for your appointment!

yours truly-


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  1. This "50-" Tulip Louise client is very pleased with the service that Anna performed for me. In only a matter of a few hours she transformed clothes from my closet into many great and wearable outfits. I am in "Awe" of Anna's talent! What a wonderful service.. thank you.