February 11, 2011

beauty buzz : coral.

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as you know by now, coral is everywhere for S/S 2011.  {prime example being this lovely j.crew spring lookbook}. while it's a great way to brighten up your wardrobe, it is also a fabulous way to brighten up your complexion.  yes, i have a new beauty obsession.  her name?  chanel rouge allure 'laque' in pheonix.  doesn't it just roll right off your tongue?  she is definitely a beauty splurge at $32 but she is  a  m  a  z  i  n  g.  like whoa.  'phoenix' is a yummy pink hue with a glossy sheen and a {very subtle} pink shimmer.  it provides full-color coverage that goes on totally opaque but the feel is so light.  it is a liquid lipstick formula, yet applies evenly and smoothly.  ahhh. . . just in time for valentine's day.

    yours truly-


  1. This coral-y pink is the official "color of the year" according to the experts at PMS {it's not what you think}. Pantone Matching System is the godfather of color formulas and has deemed this shade of watermelon-meets-peony-meets-reef as THE color for 2011! Love it on lips! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. syp - and thank *you* for sharing it on your blog here, http://sincerelyyoursonline.blogspot.com/2011/02/tulip-louise-beauty-buzz-on-coral.html


  3. HELP I must have that Chanel lipstick, which shade is it? I'm pretty sure "laque" is just french for "lacquer" and there are quite a few different pinks!


  4. Hi Alana- I have edited the post to help you out a bit. The shade is called 'Phoenix' and it is so dreamy! let me know how it works for you xo

  5. This has been my favorite lip gloss for forever! It is the holy grail of all lip glosses..when I tried this gloss it was the first time in my life I stopped looking any further for something "just a little better." Love the blog!