February 14, 2011

neutral + red: a love story.

a color combination that i'm currently sinking my teeth into is neutral + bright red.  the pairing is so rich and unexpected, yet uber simple to accomplish!  i believe the easiest route is to add a pop of classic red into your outfit with an accessory and/or shoe. 

here | here | here

totally smitten with this center image because it appears so effortless and carefree.  i'm already scheming on a way to recreate - luckily i already own a skinny red belt via ralph lauren, but i'm kicking myself for getting rid of a pair of pointy toe red flats i owned a few years back.  c'est la vie.

yours truly-


  1. agree - love those two colors together.

    PLUS i loveeeee your new design layout :) beau-ti-ful! xo


  2. Never really thought about this combination since I don't wear much red anymore. (Working at Target for three years will do that to you.) This really looks lovely, though!

  3. I adore red, love this mood board, the clutch is very smart and the hand-drawn red dress is a dream!

  4. jamie- thanks so much for the sweet words. i'm beyond pleased with the new layout and glad you're enjoying it!

    cara- glad tulip louise could open your eyes to something new to try {wink}.

    sally- is that clutch not fabulous?

    EVERYONE: have since turned this moodboard into a reality here : http://tuliplouise.blogspot.com/2011/02/throw-back.html