February 9, 2011

military boots + grandmommie's turquoise strand.

are you sick of my outfit posts yet?  the recent surge has been due to the fact that we've been holed up with my folks, so i have more 'victims' at my disposal to take my picture {insert evil laugh}.  you can't tell from these shots, but i'm totally wearing this super cute tiered silk dress!

is that blocked turquoise strand not divine?  mom is holding it hostage but i was happy to get to wear it for a day.  i'm feeling very inspired today... hope you are too.  

    yours truly-
ps: thanks to your awesome feedback yesterday, the calligraphy signature will be staying put!!


  1. I love both your necklaces. So fabulous, just like you! David's been sending me photos of all that crazy snow you've been getting. It looks insane.

  2. HEYYY. I love the bright colors in the snow, and military boots...you can never go wrong with those :)

  3. Anna, looove the mix of turquoise with the hue of purple/magenta!

  4. Nope, not tired of them. :) Love this look. That turquoise necklace in particular is awesome. I can see why it's being held hostage. :)

  5. Love Grandma's turquoise! The sun is coming this weekend! I feel like a long lost friend is coming back into my life. Today, I'm planning my sunny weather wardrobe!!!! Thank you for your color inspiring posts. Keep them coming!