April 5, 2011

headpiece lovin.

i had so much fun last night at a photoshoot for an up-and-coming headpiece designer --  she is unbelievably talented and kindly gifted me the gorgeous piece you see above!  {wow}  all materials are from the '40s and '50s, with the exception of the portion that resembles tulle. . . which is actually woven + dyed horsehair!  too cool, huh?

more specifics on the designer + how you can order coming soon!

yours truly-


  1. sper fun! I have a feeling I am going to love your dress as well...do you have a full picture of it or a link to where you found it? Thanks! :)



  2. hey valerie- thanks so much for reading! she is from jcrew last year and i absolutely adore her... unfortunately they don't have any left! it is cocktail length with draped coral on top and textured metallic on bottom. i would try ebay! xo