April 12, 2011

sketch out.

you can imagine my excitement when i opened up an email from courtney of C.Whimsy Designs, to find a sketch she did of me. . . how cool?!  in the strange blog world we now live in, having someone draw a fashion illustration of you is the ultimate.  to have someone as talented as courtney pen you?  well that's even better!
photo credit: the hudsons
i think it's such a sweet sketch and would love to use it somewhere. . . any ideas?

yours truly-

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  1. That is absolutely adorable! What a fun surprise!

  2. I love this! You could frame it, and put it in your office! And/or you could scan it and use it on calling cards/ business cards using the sketch on the front; your contact info on the back. xo.

  3. So cute! definitely frame it or use it as stationary/business cards! I want one! xo Katie


  4. I would definitely frame it! There was once an artist at a bar, and he drew my friend and I, and I hung it in my hallway. It's a total riot and great conversation piece, but not nearly as pretty as yours! xo