April 4, 2011

sunnyside up.

a few weeks ago, i had the really fun opportunity to style a laydown photo shoot with the oh-so talented bobby neptune {<-- catchy name, huh?}.  we wanted a summer vibe, but living in Northwest Arkansas there aren't any sandy beaches to be found -- insert outdoor volleyball court!  the images below were all shot after nightfall, but bobby is a lighting wizard and imitated sunlight beautifully.

lola boutique allowed me to pull some stunning pieces for the shoot -- a few of my favorites:  camilla & marc 'milkshake' one piece swimsuit {above + below},  elizabeth & james sunglasses {below} and the joie 'around the world' snakeskin sandal {below}.  oh, the things i would do for that gorgeous swimsuit. . . 

after we wrapped, we decided to take an extra:

doesn't it look like we had a marvelous time at the beach!

yours truly-
special thanks to: bobby neptune + lola boutique.


  1. Super fun! I'm now jonesing for a day at the beach!

  2. LOVE bathing suits. i like to buy a new one every year. and then i feel a little guilty-but i should just come to terms with the fact that i'll probably buy a new one each year.

  3. super cute and looks super fun!

  4. You know I love a one piece...miss you

  5. This is such a fun photo shoot. Who is that big tote by? I think I need it in my life....well I want everything :)