June 9, 2011

mobile upload.

i know i'm a bit late to the party, but i'm beyond obsessed with sally hansen salon effects nail polish strips.  my first go around happened to be with the cheetah {aka 'kitty kitty'}, but there are so many other options i'm dying to try. . . especially 'teal with it,' 'electric shock' and 'squeezed!'  i was skeptical that it wouldn't come off with normal polish remover, but it totally did.  score.

{i believe these two photos are a match made in food heaven}

not remembering the last time i ordered a happy meal, i decided to do just that on our road trip. . . i must admit it was everything i remembered it to be and more.  just smaller.  //  while in williams sonoma last week, my eyes went to this adorable candy bar!  funny, yea?  anyone out there ever tried one?

my favorite footwear, as of late!  the electric blue purchase was a no brainer.

too.  hot.  outside.  //  a snapshot of the iconic arch in st. louis.

see ya tomorrow! 

yours truly-


  1. Great photos! ah, i love williams & sonoma, wish they had them in europe! currently getting my kitchen-homeware fix from anthropologie..

    v jealous of your temperatures too! london is only 63 degrees!

    Katie x
    {glass of fashion}

  2. Are you still in St. Louis? I've been following your blog for awhile and love it! I live here in STL!

  3. I've been dying to try to nail strips~ they look great on you! I absolutely need to buy them now! xo


  4. katie i - london, how fab!

    katie ii - we were sadly there only an evening, but it was lovely! thank you so much for reading :)

    brittany - you totally should! let me know how it goes ;)