September 17, 2011

brazil bound.

my bags are packed and i'm headed to b-r-a-z-i-l today!! i never thought i would have an opportunity like this to travel and see that part of the world, so i'm beyond excited.  packing was a bit of a challenge since they are currently transitioning from winter to summer {low 50's - high 80's}.  needless to say, my luggage is filled to the brim with layering options!  my camera is also in tow and i will be back next week with some eye candy.  until then, a slice of sao paulo. . .

yours truly-


  1. Completely jealous;)
    Have an amazing time. ...and share pics!

  2. So exciting! Can't wait to see your pictures - and outfits! Is it a work or pleasure trip?

  3. Lucky!! Have a wonderful trip and can't wait to see pictures!

  4. i was just in sao paulo in's overwhelmingly amazing!