September 6, 2011

zara l-o-v-e-s the united states.

. . . you can imagine my excitement when i received a cute little surprise package from zara last week,  announcing the US launch of their new online shop!!  as if that weren't enough, i got to shop a day early.  three {big} cheers for zara: hip hip hooray / hip hip hooray / hip hip hooray!!  below are the pieces i snagged for myself and now i can hardly wait for my next little package to show up on my doorstep.  
draped skirt // two tone skirt

what are you most excited to add to your cart?  hop over now to check it out!

yours truly-


  1. I woke up happy for this reason!! Its a good day in the history of fashion;)
    LOVE your picks!

  2. So excited that they finally opened their e-commerce site. Already purchased two things. :)

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  3. gorgeous picks! i love the green trousers! so chic!


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  4. Oh, dear! This is going to be dangerous and wonderful!! I've already spent a good deal of the morning creating my wish list shopping bag. :-)

  5. love all those choices, especially the draped skirt. i was using suddenlee to shop zara online, but now i can buy direct! quel miracle!