November 1, 2011

rockstar halloween duo.

did everyone have a nice halloween?  we didn't have any trick or treaters, which means i consumed an unhealthy amount of chocolate.  before that turn of events {when i could still fit into a leather bustier}, i dressed up as a rockstar;  heavy eye makeup, fiery red lips, high waisted leather pants, cut off denim vest and a bad attitude.  -- rock-n-rollll --  i guess now is as good a time as any to introduce you to my new bff, poppy.  she is a rescue pup with a great disposition, which means i can dress her up and she doesn't throw a fit.  yessss.  as you can see, poppy wore a ramones band t-shirt and a big fat scowl. . .  

pretty loveable, yea?

yours truly-


  1. Halloween looks for the both of you. No trick or treaters here either. Oh well...xo

  2. so adorable!

  3. Haha I love Poppy's scowl, she'll get used to it and be so excited to be dressed up (one day).
    I love your necklace and pop of red lips! It's so weird, we didn't have any trick or treaters either, in fact I noticed a lot of people didn't. Weird.


  4. Aw! My heart melts :) I want a pup of my own but I have to wait till we settle down a bit more and get a place big enough. I love little pint sized pups but it's the bigun's for us! The Boy and I dear of living in a house with white columns with a pack of huge dogs (Pyrenees and Mastiffs, Wolfhounds and Greyhounds!) that follow us everywhere.

    Just found your blog through Smith and Emma! So nice to find out about other local bloggers!