November 4, 2011

Tulip Louise on The City Sage.

it's fair to say i'm still in shock about what i'm about to announce:  anne sage, one of my favorite writers/humans, featured the Tulip Louise lookbook video on her blog the other day!!  subconsciously, i may have waited to mention it due to the fear it was all a mistake and would promptly be removed from The City Sage.  thankfully, it didn't come to that!

anne and i got to know one another when i styled these buzz photos for the fifth edition of Rue Magazine, where she reigns as Executive Editor.  since then, i have loved every minute with this online penpal-- she's witty, quirky, hilarious, talented, and fun!  {if you don't follow her on twitter, you should get on that}.  hidden superpower:  she's the girl who consecutively has her pulse on the next cool thing.

yea, i forgot to mention she's adorable.  don't you just wanna squeeze her? 

click here to read the full feature. . .

yours truly-


  1. No no no. Seriously. STOP! You're making me blush! (Well, maybe that's not a blush but rather the fact that even though I use retin-A I still can't get in the sunscreen every day habit and so i'm beet red...) But anyhow. It was MY PLEASURE to spread the word about how awesome and talented you are. We have GOT to meet in person one of these days. STAT! xoxo

  2. How could she not? That video was awesome...


  3. And, as if Anne could BE any cuter, she goes and gets the BEST haircut ever. It's, like, not fair, ha! Love her. Congrats on the feature. xo.

  4. I love Anne's creativity, she rocks, I also loved the video.

    Lisa x