January 29, 2012

altitude design summit: captured via instagram.

on flight, ready to go up-up-up // above the clouds
day 1 outfit // day 1 jewels
snapshot from the alt flickr site // nametag
gift boxes // class
winter wonderland party // cocktails in the grand america lobby with new friends!
turn down service at the grand america // lips matched my new pjs
with my buddy, anne sage of the city sage // clutch + notebook, ready for class
i dig it // suite party outfit
the girls with glasses french themed suite party
smilebooth photos // roomie {jessica of dahlia lynn} and i
at the special polyvore brunch!  // chatting with new BFF, jessie of style & pepper
grand america hotel courtyard // h-u-g-e snowflakes!
star earrings, vintage via mae's // erin, caitlin, and i saying our goodbyes
cool wine bottle installation at dinner // flying out >> view from the SLC airport

yours truly-

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  1. Why are you so cute always?! It's not far! Looks like a great trip! :]


  2. As much as I loved all the very informative re-caps from Alt, this particular one was really fun to read ;)

  3. What fun! What fun! Looking at these pictures makes me wish I could have been there again this year! You totally rocked it, girl! Looked amazing as always and looks like you really had a wonderful time! Miss you much! xoxo!

  4. You are a doll! I love all the pictures and I followed all your tweets along the way. I have printed some off to keep the inspiration going :)

  5. Looks like you've banished all cobwebs and are skipping down the path!

  6. Love the recap - I'm definitely going next year. It just looks like too much fun not to!

  7. You are darling. Love the pictures.

  8. Wheee! Wish we had taken a bazillion photos together so that I could paste them up all over my wall. :) XOXO SEE YOU SOON!

  9. You captured so many great snapshots! It looks like it was so much fun and I love those star earrings! =)

  10. how. much. fun. thanks for sharing!

  11. will you email me that photo of us?! Too cute! xo love you mean (PS WE NEED TO TALK!

  12. wow!Everything seems so amazing!