October 16, 2012

anna cottrell + ann taylor:: a royal flush.

as i'm sure many of you have taken notice, the style of Ann Taylor has evolved greatly over the past few years under head designer lisa axelson.  my first {major} doubletake happened when the adorable kate hudson for ann taylor campaign began popping up all over the place for spring '12::  the vibe was youthful, fresh, on trend... and for the first time in a while i wanted e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.  {remember this skirt?  yes, i blame kate hudson}  designer lisa axelson has focused on reinvigorating "the soul of the brand, starting with the foundation" – the perfect blazer, the perfect pant, the perfect pencil skirt, etc – and transforming the basic to the extraordinary with amazing fabrics, special details and lots of feminine finesse.  prided on being a brand for real women, with real lives {busy ones!} - meaning that fashion should be fun, rather than intimidating.

when ann taylor reached out a few months ago for a potential collaboration with tulip louise, it ended up falling through and i was crushed.  so!  when i was tapped again for this fun styling project, i was over the moon and couldn't say "YES" fast enough.  they sent over an advanced copy of the fall '12 lookbook, in which i was asked to thumb through and select my favorite pieces.  once the products were available, a box was overnighted to my doorstep and i immediately started mixing + matching.  whether it was haircalf, ponte, or leather i was happy to find that the quality of the pieces is super luxe + top notch!  

the images you see here are of the final styled look, that wholly exemplifies what fall style means for me;  fashionable, cozy, effortless, and fun.  thank you again to my sweet new friends over at AT!  ;)

yours truly-


  1. You are gorgeous. Just simply gorgeous sweet pea. AT can count me in to purchase those booties and gloves:)

  2. absolutely gorgeous! i had also started noticing AT again recently, but instead of kate hudson it is you who has made me do a complete double take of the brand! those haircalf booties are to die for. congratulations on an amazing collaboration-- match made in heaven, i'd say!
    xoxo natalie

  3. this is a gorgeous look and I would never actually guess any of it was from Ann Taylor!

  4. I love this look and those driving gloves. This is haute.



  5. Such a cute look! Loving your booties!


  6. Hi Anna, I went to Ann Taylor to try on this sweater, however, I wasn't sure if I should get a Small or a Medium. I like wearing 'big sweaters' w/ skinny jeans and boots. If I wanted to go w/ this Style, I would get a medium, but the Small was more 'fitted' which I can style it w/ more of a 'conservative' look. Which size would you recommend for me to get? I really love this sweater, but torn between which size I should get.

    Thanks a lot! :)

  7. Thank you so much, Giovanna + Kanaej + PinQue + Natalie + Jessica!

    Gina-- I would absolutely go with the Medium!