February 9, 2014

NYFW / Day I [What I Wore]

leopard coat, vintage via what goes around comes around // sweater, ralph lauren // plaid skirt, vintage via cheap thrills // reversible tote, via ysl // hiking boots, lucky [i know!] // rings, vintage via mae's emporium // sunnies, via ralph lauren // photo credit, [the lovely] kat harris

yours truly--


  1. Ugh. hiking boots (and please don't tell me they're those awful and unflattering and wedge-style boots. Those are the things we will look back on in 10 years and wonder how they ever became popular) and a midi-length skirt? You're a stylist - aren't you supposed to know how that cuts off your legs and makes them look like tree trunks? Your legs are lovely - why do this to them? And the pattern combo? Hideous. All of it. This is how people dress when the airlines lose their luggage and they have to borrow random items from other people. You're a beautiful woman and should know better. Embarrassing that you represent yourself as a "stylist" at NYFW.