December 10, 2012

{how to} ciaté caviar holiday manicure.

ciate caviar mini bar, available here // tiny rings, catbird // bracelet, cooee // photos by keely yount

oh, how i have missed you guys!  for the past few weeks i have been under the weather, which ultimately resulted in some {very unexpected} surgery last week.  since then i have either been tucked away in my bed, or sprawled out on the couch watching gossip girl reruns.  during this recovery the outpouring of sweet messages + house calls made by friends to cheer me up has made mending that much easier.  my girl christina left me with this awesome caviar mini bar set that kept cabin fever at bay {for 30+ precious minutes}!  here are the details::   

apply two coats of desired nail pot shade
sprinkle caviar pearls over wet nails
press the caviar pearls into your nail bed
place mini funnel into pot to pour in precious caviar pearls
allow 15 minutes to dry, and voila!

this cool manicure will definitely be one of my go-to staples for holiday parties, but you should know that it only stays on for a day {or so}.  this is fine for me since i change nail color all the time, but if you are looking for something low maintenance i would not recommend it.

washing hair + rinsing dishes?  << on hold >>    

yours truly-


  1. Looks beautiful! I've been meaning to try it but, of course, will have to wash the dishes immediately afterwards. But such is my life!

  2. AHH! So happy you are back. I hope you are feeling ok... I have been really wanting to try this out. It would be perfect for a party. xo

  3. Your nails are awesome!!!! I have never tried it! I just did gel for the first time at home a couple weeks ago, I guess this is next on the list!

    Rachel Ashley

  4. Wow, your nails looking just stunning!

  5. it comes off after a while though :(

  6. Hey girl! I'm in love with your blog, I'm going to follow you!

    Do you mind if I use your first picture on my blog, and I mention you blog??