January 23, 2011

big fat snow.

it is monday, so per tradition i will be sharing my "local voice" on the StyleBy.Me blog today - head over now to catch up on the compilation of local fashion chatter that you may have missed this past week!!!
oh, how i've missed you guys!

i have settled back into the natural state, with a revitalized energy from the non-stop traveling + learning + networking that is Altitude Design Summit! the remainder of the week will be dedicated to sharing more details... but for today? the important stuff. the fashion!

{mix + match patterns for comfy cozy travel wear}

{first day of panels [kinda like the first day of school] called for drama}

{second day of panels? experimenting with socks + cognac heels}

{they handed out glasses @ the GWG + kate spade suite party. why not?!}

photo credit: kirsten of simply grove
{liquid leggings + oversized cashmere sweater [borrowed from mr. tuliplouise]}

can you believe that crazy attack of snow flurries? it was pretty aggressive, but couldn't stop my new blogger friends and i from shopping local Salt Lake City boutiques! if you ever find yourself in the area, the 9th & 9th area is the b-e-s-t.

until tomorrow!

yours truly-



  1. I am VERY jealous of you right now. just sayin.

  2. I love your style...thanks for sharing! From everything I've been reading, the Altitude summit sounds like a blast! So glad I found your blog :)

  3. Hey super model, miss you! Let's get that wedding published, shall we? And plot a reunion soon. xo!

  4. julie- you should totally go next year!

    melissa- that goes for you too! thank you for reading. it means the world.

    erin- let's email + plot! misshew already. big hugs

  5. whoopsies, i got a little trigger happy and accidentally deleted a comment {yikes}:

    Lori: "what kind of purse is that? so gorgeous!"

    Hey Lori- my husband bought it for me at a local vintage shop {$4ish} and it's vintage casual corner. shocking, right? thanks for reading!

    Anna xx

  6. Such cute looks! Can't believe I just barely found your blog - I'm loving it! :)