January 18, 2011

guilty as charged.

see ya back here monday!

yours truly-



  1. Have fun Anna! I am dying to have you come and overhaul my closet!


  2. Have a great trip! Saw your cool site on Sincerely yours. Wish I was a stowaway! Love Utah!

  3. Anna, I've been keeping up with you for a while, and I adore your style. My mom found you, too, and she loves what you have done to some wardrobes you have featured. Hope you are well, and I may be calling on you in the future.

  4. Hi Anna!

    Where has your blog been all my life? So excited to see what you have to contribute to SYP!!

  5. I need your in TULSA!! Before I leave for Chicago. XOXO Have fun at ALT!

  6. I hope you are having a wonderful time, my dear! Can't wait to hear all about eeeek!

    Is it sad that I'm giddy as a 5 year old on Christmas for you! Ha! Oh well! : )

    Hope you are loving every minute!


  7. Jenessa- Congratulations! You won the $50 Tulip Louise styling credit, as featured here: http://bit.ly/eGXv1C !

    Kate 1- Oh, it was so beautiful... I now understand why you love it so.

    Kate 2- That means so much- I think the three of us should have a group styling session!?

    Meggie- Yay! My first installation will be coming up February :)

    Kebra- Email me what dates work and I'll be there xx

    Sarah- Gah, you're too good to me. Let's chat {very} soon!!