January 18, 2011


so, i'm off to Salt Lake City in a few hours but wanted to give you a sneak peek into a few looks that moseyed their way inside my luggage before i go:

{lookie what sweater made it!}
my suitcase is filled to the brim with a plethra of socks, {liquid} leggins and cashmere sweaters {stolen from the mr.} - definitely no need for you to worry your pretty little face about me freezing, that's for sure.

misshew already!

yours truly-


note: apologies for the photos being subpar, but you get the gist. the looks are totally cozy.

i've gotta share: a TL follower just emailed me a snapshot of her new top knot 'do {after watching this little tutorial} and it totally gave me the warm fuzzies. big thanks to all of you who read on the reg. it means the world.


  1. 1. New shoes...check
    2. Socks with new shooes...check
    3. The mister's sweaters...check
    4. Topknot...check
    *I love it all..miss you!

  2. Brittany- Thank you so much for the "Good Luck" - It was such a blast! :)

    VintageTeal- Oh yes, the socks + heels were a big hit {and kept my tootsies warm + toasty}! xo