February 1, 2011

cardi craze.

via michael casker
in the past 24 hours northwest arkansas has been pounded with snowfall, all while tipping the thermostat at a balmy 15 degrees.  needless to say, the family is bundled up tight and working indoors today!

rain, shine or snow... i can always find an excuse to throw on a cozy cardigan.  while not a revolutionary idea, they're just perfect when i need to tone down a cocktail dress, polish up a spring tank or just inject a pop of color into a look.  it's also a sure fire way to insulate, without adding unnecessary bulk.

examples from a recent client session:

stylist trick of the trade:  'scrunch' the sleeve length to show off one of the smallest parts of the female body; the wrists. 

via stylebyklin
go ahead and try a cardi - it will always have your back {pun intended}!

yours truly-



  1. cardigans are my go-to! love all of these looks...

    did i already tell you how much j'adore your blog? i luuurve it. k, i'm done gushing now.


  2. Ohh... I love doing the exact same thing!

    I always find the best things to play with while I'm home. My mom has the Erno Laszio sea mud mask that I loooovvvve-- best thing for break outs!

    So fun... gotta love moms. : )



  3. i LOVE cardis. i think i have 40. don't judge. i wear one NEARLY every day...

  4. such a great suggestion! I love showing off the wrists because whether they are bare or decorated with bracelets - you look more feminine right off the bat!

  5. thank you guys SO much for your amazing comments. they mean the world!

    Artisann- I'm a cardi hoarder too. no judgment. ;)

    anna xx