January 30, 2011

valentine's day: prep + primp

official smooch + snuggle day is just around the corner {t-minus two weeks}, so what are you doing to get yourself in the mood?  i've rounded up four simple ways to get your hearts-a-racing & into the spirit before you know it.

via rue magazine
embrace your inner girlie girl by mixing lace, ruffles and flirty underpinnings {ie loving the black polka dot tights} into your wardrobe.

via rue magazine
we've touched on it before {here}, but february is the ideal time for you to experiment with a colored lip.  there's something so sultry about it and you'll love how awesome it makes your pearly whites look!  just do it.

via kate spade
are you a romantic little book worm, with true love for the classics?  kate spade has introduced a collection of quirky 'book clutches' spotlighting novels penned by the greats {think jane austen, shakespeare, etc} that are perfect for a little touch of v-day luxury.

1- eye cream 2- anti-fatigue gel mask 3- night cream 4- exfoliating gel
pamper yourself.  i totally love housesitting at mom's because that means i get to play in her fancy skincare products.  example: this weekend i administered my own chanel facial and am sure i heard angels {or cupid} singing!

yours truly-


PS Please head over to they StyleBy.Me blog today, where I am guest blogging!


  1. Ohh... I love doing the exact same thing!

    I always find the best things to play with while I'm home. My mom has the Erno Laszlo sea mud mask that I loooovvvve-- best thing for break outs!

    So fun... gotta love moms. : )



  2. Hey Sarah-

    Uhm, I looked the mask up and it sounds fabulous!! Thanks so much for reading- it means a lot!

    Anna xo

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