February 23, 2011

holy organization, batman.

my good friend {ahem, jenn} has labeled me a "jewelry hoarder." although it had the gross word "hoarder" involved, i can definitely think of worse things to be coined.  since i don't see myself changing anytime soon, i may as well organize my hoarded collection.  right?  that being said, i got my organization on last night!  

behold.  one of the best inventions ever:

she's acrylic, minimal, expandable and only $15 at bb&b!  click here to grab your own.

how do you keep your jewelry in order?  i still need to do something with my bulky statement necklaces and am thinking a cork board project.  yes // no?

yours truly-
please check out this glorious client praise that landed in my inbox last night: "anna, i finally printed all my styling sessions in full color and as I am going through them i dearly LOVE them.  thanks so much for your talents and sharing them with me!!"  isn't she a peach?  i love my job.


  1. I hang my personal collection of earrings on an old wooden picture frame that I put wire window screen in. Works great! Antique dishes for rings and brooches and a covered cork board for necklaces.

  2. I have painted white peg board with various hooks in my closet {you'd be so proud} for my statement necklaces and chunkiest bracelets. I find myself standing there and looking fondly at them. All nice and tidy and cute.

  3. I use the coral-looking hangers (ok, they're called branch hooks) from Urban Outfitters...great for necklaces, and some dangly earrings and bracelets work. Plus they look fun!

  4. WOW, that is so organized and lovely! I'm very jealous of this display you've got here! I need something quite like this to display my jewelry. Which means I must buy new lovely jewelry to display!


  5. All my rings,bracelets and earrings lay nicely in a pretty jewelry box from Urban. All my necklaces hang on a silver spray painted bulletin board in my closet. I think I've had it since high school... =)

  6. Ooo you have such pretty jewelry! I'm not surprised though... ;)

    I use a cork board with thumbtacks, cheap and very efficient.

  7. Wall hooks may be a good idea.

    I like this one:


  8. U have gorgeous earrings! I am eyeing those pink bouquet ones real hard! Off to bed/bath I go...

  9. Ok I love this... I feel like I know how to organize anything and everything except for my earrings. Brilliant!

  10. You guys are so amazing + creative! Thanks so much for sharing :)