February 22, 2011

day to night.

on friday, i got to do one of my favorite things ever - raid my mom's closet!  i made it out with the motherload {ha}: two black maxi skirts {one chiffon // one knit}, eight belts, an armful of sweaters and four clutches.  impressive, yea? 


once the closet hit-and-run was complete, the sun had already set and it was time to head to sushi  //  i was bummed we didn't get any natural light, but still think they turned out pretty neat.

are you feeling the maxi skirt trend?  i wanna know!

yours truly-
ps: did you catch my local voice on styleby.me yesterday? click here!


  1. Some girls look chic in long skirts (you). Some girls look like they belong to strict religious cults (me). I don't know what it is, but some people can just pull them off while others can't.

  2. Pretty convinced I'd look like my third grade teacher. I don't think I'm slender enough to pull it off. But looks lovely on you!

  3. oh my gosh, i love my readers - you guys are too funny!! xo