March 23, 2011

fighting fuchsia.

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i must admit i've never been a huge fan of fuchsia.  that is, until recently.  i keep catching my eye drift to the bold hue whether it be in home decor, fashion or nature.  springtime allergies have me a bit under the weather, but this color consistently makes me smile and has the uncanny ability to really brighten up an otherwise dull fashion moment!  i paired my fuchsia boyfriend cardi {scored here} with my favorite black silk jumpsuit and jeffrey campbell architectural wedge to tone it down a bit.

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ahhh, i wish i could breathe in the blooms like this cute girl and not sneeze.  bite me, allergies!

yours truly-
. . . it also never hurts to see a little sjp action:

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  1. i have a fear of there.

    also, thank you 100 times over for spelling fuchsia correctly.

  2. Anna, let's be honest, the girl in the flowers inevitably sneezed post-photo shoot -OR- had dark circles under her eyes the next day. It's ok us, in need of claritin people, stay away from pollen! ;)

    Secondly, I decorate with a lot of whites in my house, however, I feel SO GLAM when I put a bouquet of fresh fuchsia flowers (mostly fresh, full roses) in a bouquet on the center of my table underneath my light. You should do it. Enjoy the color. Thanks for appreciating it, too. I use to shy away from it as well. It's changing my life.