March 23, 2011

sunblock required.

today was spent with some of my favorite girls on the planet.  there wasn't a cloud in sight so we threw our bikinis on, packed a few light reads and headed up to one of the pools at big cedar {mentioned here}.  i wore my favorite highlighter shorts {via splendid} and was determined to get some color on this pasty winter body.    

neon yellow shorts, splendid // ELLE UK
unfortunately the wind had another idea!  we tried {and tried} to fight the obvious goosebumps, but alas the wind prevailed leaving us not even the slightest shade darker. . . and ready for a hot bubble bath!

bundled up niece // my colorful bikini bottoms
i have a few things coming up in the near future and would love a sun-kissed glow.  any pointers for spray tanning and/or self tanners?

yours truly-


  1. YES! Our Bed Beth & Beyond became part drug store, and they carry what I've found to be the best self-tanner (after many trying many, many brands)'s in a white bottle with orange writing called SUN. Works great by itself but you can also drag it out by mixing it with lotion.
    Good luck! :)

  2. My all-time favorite self tanner is Banana Boat (Dark, not light). It is streak free and will get your a dark glow in just one application. I've spent major dough on self-tanners and always go back to this $5 bottle. It can be tricky to find...but usually Walmart always carries it. I got all the Dallas girls hooked on it!

  3. I like Jergens just fine. From any store. You have to be focused though, what I do is close my eyes and picture rubbing it in both directions all over my body, and in segments, but quickly, like both directions on face and neck, then arms and then chest and stomach, then back, then legs and ankles and feet. then go over quickly with another lotion- helps with the smell. I try to do it twice in one week, helps get a good shade and helps even it out!

  4. Seriously go to Glo on 6th in Fayetteville.

  5. Anything from Clarins is good. Not too orange-y and easy to apply. I use it about once a week along with Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer about every other day. I've found it helps keep the clarins from fading (on the cheap) but won't make you too dark.

    Hope that helps until the sun comes out!