March 10, 2011

TL : six things.

left --> right //  top --> bottom
1:  the adorable sharper image heater that keeps my tootsies warm, when i want to work outside.
2:  nails are now spring ready!  {'apricotcha cheating' via OPI}
3:  our starbucks tumblers that are now. . . vintage?  what do you guys think of the new logo?
4:  my niece, georgianna, getting amped up about the mardis gras parade.
5:  susie q - aka best old time chocolate shake + grilled cheese!  trust me, i've done the legwork.
6:  mom ordered a cheeseburger sans onion and it came out like this.  {ha}

see you back here tomorrow!

yours truly-


  1. i love the nail polish, too! and had no idea about the new logo. haha but that onion thing is hilarious

  2. I love this post! Cute nail polish! Cute niece! And i love the burger wrapper, fun!

  3. Thanks guys! I know, the onion thing totally took me by surprise. In the best way possible ;)

  4. So happy to have found your blog! You have amazing style.