April 27, 2011

after the storm.

blazer, jcrew // tunic, jcrew // clutch, vintage // sandal, bcbg // denim, jcrew
don't you adore the days following a spring storm, when everything is super lush + green?  me too.  this morning it felt like i woke up wearing psychedelic contacts or something.  after getting a handle on the "whooooa"s, i spent the remainder of my afternoon packing a client for her upcoming vacay to france!  i drew inspiration from this guest post and left her suitcase loaded up with traveler pants, vintage gems, lavender accents, a striped rain jacket and bundles of other goodies to ensure she's set-to-jet in great style.

have an upcoming event, in which you could use outfitting advice {i.e. first date, wedding, graduation, vacation, etc}? email me at tuliplouise@gmail.com and we'll chat! 

yours truly-


  1. I love how you incorporated the vintage clutch to look new again. great outfit.

    xo L.

  2. That bag is really beautiful! I wish I was going to France...

  3. France is my dream destination right now. Picturing myself there now: big skirt, shrunken cardigan, sitting at a cafe with my puppy and espresso drink... Oh and love that Jacket!

  4. You look wonderful! I love the blazer and the clutch. Plus I so agree with you: I love the moments just after the rain, everything is so crisp, fresh, and smells woderful!

    xx Ivana


  5. Where did that adorable clutch/bag come from? I need it!!

  6. Thank you for reading, everyone!! Your comments mean the world. Clare, the clutch is 80's vintage -- I picked it up a few years ago from a local place in AR called Cheap Thrills. I would try eBay!? xo