April 26, 2011

tulip louise for tiptop headwear.

photo credit: Michelle Leatherby
. . . happen to remember this little teaser from a few weeks ago?  well, the wait is now over and i would like to introduce you to tiptop headwear!  when the designer, lisa purkayastha, asked me to play a small part of her first photoshoot i quickly jumped at the chance.  it was awesome to wear such unique headpieces and to play dress up for an evening.  tiptop headwear will be opening the doors {err, pages} of a brand new etsy shop within the next two weeks!  i'll be sure to keep you in the loop, but if you have any specific product questions simply use this contact form.

do you have a fave?

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  1. I love the drama these headpieces create. Great timing, too, with the royal wedding on Friday. You KNOW there will be some interesting headpieces/hats on display. xo.